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Center for Primary Health Care Research

Center for Primary Health Care Research (CPF) in Malmö, Sweden, is a leading European center for primary care research.

By performing primary care research and development work at one site, the Clinical Research Center – a vibrant interdisciplinary research center in Malmö – we have a unique opportunity to become the most successful center in the world for primary care-based clinical and translational research.


CPF was founded as a collaborative venture between Lund University and Region Skåne in October 2008. A highly qualified team of personnel are employed at CPF working on groundbreaking research. Staff members include principal investigators in family medicine/ social epidemiology/social medicine/health economics as well as 10 professors, associate professors, researchers with PhDs, doctoral students, post-docs, statisticians and administrative staff. 

CPF is the largest and most productive family and community medicine department in Europe. Since its inception, CPF has published approximately 1500 scientific articles in international scientific journals with peer review system. Among the journals published in were JAMA, JAMA Psychiatry, British Medical Journal, Blood, American Journal of Psychiatry and many others.

The Molecular Family Medicine Laboratory

Medical science has advanced tremendously in recent years. The molecular and genetic secrets of life have become better elucidated and we are closer than ever to individualized medicine, an important goal for primary care. The traditional divisions within medical research may, however, in some instances impede the pace of scientific discovery. Therefore, in 2011 we established The Molecular Family Medicine Laboratory, the first laboratory in Scandinavia dedicated to research in the field of primary care.

Knowledge Centers

We at CPF aim to link academia, hospitals, and primary care in order to improve cooperation between researchers and health care professionals in different settings. To achieve this, the CPF has established a network of Academic Knowledge Centers (AKCs) in Skåne, the Swedish county in which we are based.

These centers foster a two-way flow of ideas, information, knowledge, and skills between personnel working at local health care centers and researchers at CPF through regular visits, mentoring, and seminars, and via a web portal.

Improving health

Finally, I must emphasise that family medicine is different from other scientific disciplines. While we are dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through excellence in education and research at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels; our research must go beyond simply improving understanding of science to action that actually improves primary care.

Our center is highly committed to improving the health and well-being of the residents of Skåne through community engagement, public service, and industry partnerships.

I wish to welcome you all to a vibrant research community that discusses, collaborates, and innovates in the fields of family medicine and primary care. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Kristina Sundquist, MD, PhD


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Last updated: 14 February 2024

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