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Our responsibilities

Health care is the dominant activity in Region Skåne. Region Skåne also plays a leading role in work to develop the infrastructure, strengthen trade and industry and create a sustainable, attractive Skåne.

Health care

Region Skåne makes ultimate decisions on healthcare and coordinates public and private health care in Skåne. Region Skåne operates both primary care and highly specialised hospital care.

Dental care

Region Skåne coordinates publicly financed dental care in Skåne, which is provided by both private and public organisations.

Life science

There are close links between the highly specialised healthcare in Region Skåne and medical research at Lund University. Together with the Copenhagen region, Skåne constitutes one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe for companies and research in the field of life science, Medicon Valley.

Public health

The objective of work on public health is to achieve good health on equal terms for the entire population in Skåne.

Trade and industry

Region Skåne coordinates and works together with many other public and private players to develop trade and industry and to increase growth in Skåne.

Social planning

Region Skåne provides support for municipalities and coordinates physical social planning at a regional level.


Roads, railways, ports and airports combine with broadband to create accessibility and the preconditions for positive development in Skåne. Region Skåne plans and coordinates future initiatives in infrastructure in Skåne.

Public transport

Region Skåne has total responsibility for public transport in Skåne.

Culture and tourism

Region Skåne coordinates the development of culture in Skåne and distributes regional and government funds to municipalities, cultural institutions and free cultural life. In broad-based collaboration with municipalities and other players, Skåne is marketed as a region for visitors and events.

Last updated: 5 October 2023

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