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Employee benefits

Are you interested in working in Region Skåne? In order for you to be happy and develop at work, Region Skåne has several offers for you as an employee.

All of Region Skåne’s permanent positions are advertised as full-time positions that can, however, be turned into part-time ones.

Flexible Working Hours

In many operations, you’ll have flexible working hours, enabling a better balance between work, leisure time and family life.

Preventative Health Care Allowance

You can get an allowance for simpler activities such as aerobics, strength training, spinning, racket sports, some team sports and simpler dancing. You can also get an allowance for preventative health care in areas like stress management, dietary advice, massage, etc.

You receive compensation for activities that include elements of exercise. For these activities, you get 100 percent of the cost up to SEK 3,000.

Workplace Insurance

If you are injured in the workplace, our occupational injury insurance (TFA-KL) ensures that you are compensated for loss of income from day one.

Occupational Health Care

Region Skåne’s supplier of occupational health care is Previa. You can make an appointment with occupational health care for health-promoting, preventative or rehabilitating activities.

Extended Parental Leave Opportunity

On top of your regular parental leave, Region Skåne’s staff have the right to take a full-time leave of absence until their child reaches the age of three, and a 25 per cent leave of absence until the child reaches the age of twelve, without losing any pension points.

Pension Salary Exchange

All Region Skåne employees can choose to do a pension salary exchange. This means that an amount decided by you is allocated to your occupational pension every month. Tax is thereby postponed until the time when you withdraw your pension.


If you receive a monthly salary, you will, in most cases, get days to take off as early as during your first year of employment. Normally, you’ll have 25 days of holiday, but from the year you turn 40, you’ll have 31, and from the year you turn 50, you’ll have 32 – i.e. just over six weeks of holiday.

Last updated: 6 October 2023

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