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En man är ute och går med sin hund brevid ett tågspå med ett pågatåg på.

About Region Skåne

Region Skåne exists to ensure that the residents of Skåne are healthy and believe in the future. Through collaboration and care across the board, we create the best possible conditions for a healthy life in Skåne – within business, public transport, culture, health and medical care. Together, we make life possible.

  • Organisation

    The role of the offices is to develop material on which political decisions are based, and to implement those decisions.

  • Our responsibilities

    Health care is the dominant activity in Region Skåne. Region Skåne also plays a leading role in work to develop the infrastructure, strengthen trade and create a sustainable, attractive Skåne.

  • Press

    If you are a journalist we can help you with up-to-date information about Region Skåne´s activities and organisation.

Last updated: 5 October 2023

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