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Citizen dialogue

At Region Skåne, we need your views to be able to make the right decisions for the future and to get better at what we do. Therefore, we regularly invite to different types of citizen dialogues.

Through citizen dialogue, you have the opportunity to influence the shape of health care and public transport, for instance. You can influence Skåne’s development by participating in discussions about everything from health to climate or integration.

Region Skåne engages in citizen dialogue in a number of ways.

Town Meetings

Your elected representatives will be out and about to talk to the people of Skåne several times per year. Meetings normally take place where there are a lot of people, in streets and squares, at festivals, cultural events and shopping centres, but also at libraries and schools.

At these meetings, you can give your views to our elected representatives, and they in turn have the opportunity to tell you how Region Skåne’s operations affect your day-to-day life.

The Skåne Panel

The Skåne Panel is Sweden’s biggest citizen panel. The participants get the opportunity to give their views on Region Skåne’s work via an online questionnaire. The questionnaire is updated with new subjects about four times every year.

More than 9,000 randomly selected people from across Skåne make up the panel.

The Skåne Questionnaire

Two times per year, we complete the Skåne Questionnaire. 1500 people in total tell us through a web survey about what they know about Region Skåne’s operations, how they view them, and what confidence they have in politics.

Focus Groups and Dialogue Groups

Focus groups and dialogue groups are used to discuss certain issues, services or products. We normally use this method to – with the help of your views and perspectives – go deeper into an issue that we have previously discussed, but also to gain more knowledge in preparation for a project or an important change.

Last updated: 20 November 2023

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