About cookies

Our website, Skane.se, uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your computer and contains information. We use it to make your visit to our site easier.

If you don’t want to have any cookies stored in your computer, you can use your web browser to ensure that you will not get them.

We use cookies to make our website better and more functional for those who visit our website. If you change any settings or make choices on the website, for example, this information can be saved in a cookie. 

Different types of cookies

There are two types of cookies, and both of these are used at Skane.se.

The first type is a persistent cookie. These cookies save a file, which remains in a visitor’s computer for a fairly long period.

The second type is called a session cookie. During the time a visitor is on our website, the cookie well be stored in the memory of the visitor’s computer. Session cookies are deleted when the visitor closes his or her browser. 

Blocking cookies

You can adjust your web browser so it always rejects any cookies, or so you will be informed every time a website requests permission to store a cookie on your computer. This, however, may mean that you will not be able to access functions on the website. You can also use your web browser to delete cookies that were stored there at any earlier time. Visit your browser’s help pages for additional information. 

Cookies on Skane.se 

Web analysis and statistics

We at Skane.se use cookies to compile statistics about visits to our website in order to improve our site for you and our other visitors.

  • The persistent cookie known as nmstat is used by Siteimprove to remember how the web browser uses the site, including when the reader visited the site most recently. Siteimprove is a web analysis tool that, among other things, helps us repair broken links, and improve accessibility on the site. This cookie disappears 1,000 days after you most recent visit.
  • AWSELBCORS is a session cookie used by SiteImprove to improve performance. It is set by the domain 7770.global.siteimproveanalytics.io. The cookie is removed when the browser is closed.

The functioning of the website

  • ASP.NET_SessionId is a session cookie that is placed by Skane.se and is required in order to ensure that the website will function satisfactorily. It keeps track of the choices that visitors make on the website, and follows the visitor throughout the visit. This cookie disappear when the web browser is closed.


  • .EPiForm_BID Is used when you fill in a form to keep track of which form you are filling in. It expires after 90 days.
  • .EPiForm_VisitorIdentifier Saves information about which user has submitted a form but contains no identifiable data about the visitor. It expires after 90 days.

Performance measurement

  • Lilum is a session cookie that is used to measure the performance of the website. It is placed by the domain known as lilum.lightsline.se. This cookie disappears when the web browser is closed.
  • Lilumperm is a persistent cookie that is used to measure the performance of the website. It is placed by the domain known as lilum.lightsline.se. 

Consenting to cookies

  • CookieBoxHasBeenClosed is a persistent cookie that is placed by Skane.se in order to check whether the visitor has accepted receiving cookies.

YouTube videos

There are films from YouTube on skane.se. These films are shown using YouTube’s movie player, and when the films are played, cookies are used by youtube.com. The cookie known as Visitor_INFO1_LIVE is saved for eight months. The cookies known as use-hitbox and PREF, respectively, disappear when the web browser is closed.

Our social media and other websites

We sometimes use Facebook, Twitter, as well as other social media. These pages are located in external locations over which we do not have any control, and we are therefore unable to take responsibility for the cookies that are used there. It is also possible that there are links to other pages, to which we refer. These pages, too, are beyond our control. 

Law regarding cookies

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