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Environment and nature

Nature and good environments contribute to Skåne’s development. Region Skåne’s role is to, with other actors, drive development in the right direction, and to, as a large organisation, be at the forefront.

Ett grönt böljande landskap med vindkraftverk vid horisonten.

The basis for Region Skåne’s environment work is the creation of an environment where innovation, entrepreneurship and employment can contribute to a solution to Skåne’s environment problems.

Strengthening Skåne’s Environment

By influencing and collaborating with municipalities, trade and industry, the County Administrative Board, research and various organisations, we are working to strengthen Skåne’s environment and nature.

The purpose of Region Skåne’s environment work is to, among other things:

  • strengthen biogas, hydrogen gas and renewable electricity as vehicle and heating fuels
  • create good conditions for sustainable forestry and farming
  • promote sustainable town and city development
  • develop and adapt coasts for higher sea levels, and develop sustainable shipping
  • increase accessibility to nature, recreation and outdoor life.

Last updated: 6 October 2023

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