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Seek health care in Skåne

If you live in Skåne, you can choose what care provider you go to.

Pappa och barn sitter vid en datorskärm och pekar på sina halsar.

Health and Care Choices Skåne gives you the opportunity to choose a care provider that suits your needs. It may, for instance, be a clinic that is close to your home, one that has good opening hours, or one that has been recommended to you by someone you know.

You can choose between care units that are run privately or by Region Skåne. You can never be denied your choice of care provider.

On the website, 1177.se, you can compare care centres to each other.

You can choose your:

  • Care Centre
  • Child Welfare Centre
  • Midwife Clinic
  • Cataract Surgery Clinic
  • Psychotherapy Clinic (CBT, IPT and PDT)
  • Audionome Clinic
  • Dental Care Clinic (and Specialist Clinic) for children and adolescents aged 0–23 years
  • Dermatology Clinic
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addictions
  • Ophthalmic Clinic

Choice Forms

Forms and more information about how to make your choice are available on 1177.se. Your choice of care centre and child welfare centre can also be made through My Care Contacts (Mina vårdkontakter).

Region Skåne Inspects and Approves

All care providers that are part of Health and Care Choices Skåne must meet certain criteria set by Region Skåne. This guarantees that the care you get is of the highest quality, regardless of what you choose.

Region Skåne regularly checks how the care providers are getting on. This is done through special inspections where Region Skåne checks that the care providers follow our guidelines, that the patients get the care that they are entitled to.

Last updated: 5 October 2023

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