• En fläckig ko kikar fram bakom en sten, runt omkring finns fler stenar

    Ales stenar. Photographer: Åsa Siller

Marketing Skåne

More businesses, investors and tourists are to find Skåne. This would lead to new business opportunities and stronger trade and industry. We’re working to strengthen Skåne’s brand.

Business Region Skåne

Together with the Skåne Association of Local Authorities, we own market firm Business Region Skåne. The firm’s main task is to market Skåne to investors, tourists, film producers and event organisers.

The firm is a group of companies with four subsidiaries: Invest in Skåne, Tourism in Skåne, Event in Skåne and Film in Skåne.

Investment – Invest in Skåne

Invest in Skåne is working to make more companies, both foreign and Swedish, choose to invest in or locate operations in Skåne. The firm also works with helping Skåne’s companies to find business opportunities abroad.

Tourism – Tourism in Skåne

More tourists are to choose Skåne, Swedish and foreign ones alike. Increased tourism leads to increased income for restaurants, shops, hotels and other areas of the tourism industry. Tourism in Skåne markets Skåne as a tourist destination, both in Sweden and abroad, and helps Skåne’s tourism industry to develop.

Events – Event in Skåne

When more large events – sports competitions or conferences, for instance – are held in Skåne, this garners attention for Skåne outside our borders. Event in Skåne works to attract events to Skåne.

Film – Film in Skåne

Skåne is and shall be an attractive location for film-makers. Big film projects bring capital and job opportunities, but what is perhaps more important is that large, successful film projects often spread internationally, showcasing Skåne outside Sweden.

Film in Skåne works to promote film-making as a cultural industry in Skåne.

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