Innovation Work

By 2020, Skåne is to be Europe’s most innovative region. A good innovation climate forms the foundation for knowledge intensive businesses and thereby for growth and more jobs.

In global competition, Skåne needs to develop into an even stronger research and development region, so that we can turn our knowledge and ideas into concrete actions and results – innovations.

Region Skåne is working to create a good innovation climate, boost existing companies and stimulate their innovation abilities and export and development opportunities.

The Innovative Skåne

Skåne is already one of Europe’s most innovative regions, with plenty of knowledge intensive companies providing innovative services and products. There is a multitude of actors helping creative people to start, run and develop their operations.

International Innovation Strategy

To strengthen Skåne as an innovative region, we have developed an International Innovation Strategy. By working strategically, Skåne is to achieve an internationally attractive innovation environment. The strategy includes the goal of making Skåne Europe’s most innovative region by 2020. – Innovation Strategy 2020: We’re going to be the best in Europe!

Three Innovation Areas

The International Innovation Strategy points to three areas where Skåne is well placed to create successful innovations. Region Skåne supports the innovation climate in the three areas:

  • smart materials
  • smart, sustainable towns and cities
  • personal health – Skåne’s Innovation Areas

Skåne’s Research and Innovation Council

Skåne’s Research and Innovation Council (FIRS) exists to create a good innovation climate in Skåne. FIRS is working to make Skåne Europe’s most innovative region, and is a unifying force and joint voice for Skåne’s assets, needs and opportunities.

The council consists of management level representatives from Region Skåne, the region’s universities, municipalities such as Malmö, Lund, Kristianstad and Helsingborg, the Skåne Association of Local Authorities, and trade and industry. – Skåne’s Research and Innovation Council (FIRS)

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