Genomskärning av Max IV.

ESS and Max IV

ESS and Max IV, two large research facilities that are to become world leaders in particle physics, are currently being built in Lund. Region Skåne is working to ensure that Skåne’s trade and industry will benefit from the research.

Max IV and European Spallation Source, ESS, are two large research facilities being built in north-eastern Lund. Max IV belongs to Lund University, and ESS is a European project, but together, they create new and world leading conditions for material research on a particle level.

Max IV’s was inaugurated in 2016, and ESS is expected to be completed in 2019.

Strengthens Skåne’s Trade and Industry

The competition for where in Europe ESS was to be built was stiff. Both facilities attract researchers and companies from across the world that can develop new innovations and products, which strengthens Skåne’s trade and industry.

Together with Skåne’s municipalities, we want to create conditions that are as good as possible to welcome new inhabitants and businesses.

Growth and Public Benefit for All of Skåne

People moving in will lead to increased population numbers in many of Skåne’s municipalities, and the highly educated labour needs somewhere to stay, eat and live. Therefore, many of Skåne’s municipalities need to build new homes.

Business and Knowledge Development

For Skåne’s businesses to benefit from the facilities, we must create new meeting places and innovation arenas where research can interact with trade and industry. Then, new products can develop, which would lead to growth in Skåne.

It’s also important that Skåne’s universities are connected to the research and adapt their education to it. Thus, we create a knowledge region with a competent workforce.

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