Trade and industry, innovation and labour market

Trade and industry has an important role to play in creating a Skåne with low unemployment figures and sustainable growth. Region Skåne supports entrepreneurs, promotes innovation, markets Skåne, and stimulates the labour market.

Skåne has every chance of becoming a sustainable growth motor with good international standing. We are geographically well situated in the Öresund region and northern Europe, with Copenhagen as our closest neighbour.

There are challenges, however; high unemployment for instance, especially among young people. Skåne has the lowest employment rates of all Sweden’s counties, and thus low tax revenues.

Goals for Skåne

To strengthen trade and industry and get more people into employment, several measures and a joint strategy are needed. Skåne’s development strategy, The Open Skåne 2030, shows the way with statement: “Skåne shall become a strong motor for sustainable growth.”

Our role is to act as coordinator, inspirer and unifying force for the development of trade and industry in Skåne.

We create an environment where business development, a good innovation climate, entrepreneurship, company development, competence development and product development, among other things, can flourish.

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