Services for epidemiological and statistical methodology

Clinical Studies Sweden - Forum South in Region Skåne provides advice, analytical assistance, and training in epidemiological and statistical methodology for all phases of clinical or epidemiological research and development projects.

Shorter consultations are provided at no charge while more in-depth project support, and training are provided on a fees-for-services basis. Feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

Services offered at no charge:

  • Advice: Shorter consultations on separate occasions, by e-mail, phone, or personal meetings related to establishing a research database, choice of statistical methodology, interpretation of results, and similar.
  • Design and dimensioning: Consultation related to selecting a study design. Strength calculations.
  • Simpler statistical analysis: Simpler statistical analyses, as with a limited number of group comparisons with no additional adjustment or less comprehensive descriptive statistics. Requires high quality and good structure in data material. Consultations regarding how statistical methods and results should be presented and concise advice for self-help in areas such as SPSS.
  • Shorter manuscript reviews: Brief review of epidemiological and statistical methodology used in a single manuscript. Help in addressing viewpoints from journal peer-reviewers.

Fee-based services offering:

Cost estimates are provided for every project expected to exceed 10 hours.

  • Continuing project support: Active participation of our employees on any number of occasions during a research project.
  • Individual training: As with the software package.
  • Randomisation: Preparing randomisation lists, including any stratification or blocking.
  • Selection procedure: Prepare a selection plan, manage contacts with registry owners, obtain selections from registries, and similar.
  • Establishing a research database: Practical work with compiling files, creating variables, conducting plausibility checks, and similar.
  • Advanced statistical analyses: Extensive statistical analytics, as with data material that contains several variables, a large number of group comparisons, or reruns. Complex formulations of questions, or a series of differing question formulations. Regression modelling. Drop-out analysis. Managing 'missing data'. Meta-analyses.
  • Extensive manuscript review. Details review of epidemiological and statistical methodology used, often for more than one manuscript. Issuing certificates.
  • Express deliveries Statistical analytics, regardless of extent, and with short delivery deadlines. Offered only to the extent permitted by capacity.


We have extensive experience in running training within medical statistics, epidemiology, and statistical software.

  • We regularly contribute to various basic courses and hold postgraduate courses in medical statistics offered every term for doctoral students at the Lund University Faculty of Medicine.
  • In ongoing collaboration with the EpiHelth and SIMSAM projects at Lund University, we regularly organise seminars covering methodology issues, and post-graduate training courses in epidemiology and advanced statistical methods.
  • We also hold introductory courses in the use of the SPSS software package for essential statistical data analyses.

Course offerings for research (only on Swedish website)

In addition, we can gladly offer customized courses or seminaries that address the specific needs of your department or research group.

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