Grants and Applications

Region Skåne has an important role to play in supporting and initiating research. The various research funds we allocate are an important source of support.

Regional Research Support

Region Skåne has special funds set aside for research financed by county councils in its budget. The funds are co-financed by the Southern Health Care Region, which includes Regions Skåne, Halland and Kronoberg, as well as Blekinge County Council.

Research support is advertised as available in May every other year. It consists of funds for a doctoral student and funds for a project, and relates to two years. The relevant offices and private care providers within the Southern Health Care Region are informed of the advertisement. Applications are made online.

ALF Funds

ALF stands for the Medical Training and Research Agreement (Avtal om Läkarutbildning och Forskning), and is a national agreement between the government and seven county councils. There are ALF funds set aside for clinical research that can be applied for annually.

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