Clinical Studies Sweden - Forum South

Clinical Studies Sweden - Forum South (formerly R & D centre) is a support organization for medical research. Forum South provides services for clinical trials as well as for other types of clinical, epidemiological and health research.

Forum South is one of six regional Clinical Studies branches in Sweden, and is a collaboration between the Research Council and the Swedish healthcare regions.

Its aim is to coordinate the country's various clinical trial resources to ensure that they can be used more efficiently, while also providing more patients the opportunity to participate in studies, regardless of where in Sweden they are being conducted.

This collaboration will also increase the appeal of undertaking trials in Sweden.

Clinical Studies Sweden

Project support and counselling for clinical trials

Forum South offers researcher and research groups an active support during the planning, execution, and completion phases of clinical studies by offering advice, project support and training. Our services include assistance with study documentation, application procedures, monitoring (quality control), and CRF (data entry form).

Services for clinical studies

Services in epidemiological and statistical methodology

We offer support and advice on statistical analysis, research databases, statistical methods, results interpretation and more.

Services in epidemiological and statistical methodology

Performance of clinical studies

Our clinical studies are carried out for both industry and academia. Our facilities are located at Skåne University Hospital in Lund, Sweden, and are a part of the hospital’s operations. We conduct different types of clinical trials, and our Testing Division is approved by the FDA as a Phase 1 unit.

Clinical trial unit


South Forum implements training on demand, and delivers presentations as per requests from the individual clinician, researcher or research groups in the Scania and southern healthcare region.

We provide courses and training in:

  • clinical studies
  • epidemiology
  • medical statistics
  • data management
  • reporting of adverse drug reactions

For courses visit our Swedish website


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