Our research and our researchers

Research is carried out in several program areas. We at the CPF place a specific focus on research areas that are particularly important for patients in primary care and primary care’s activities.
  • Psychological disorders (socioeconomic status, migration, family environment, neighbourhoods)
  • Mindfulness and compassion
  • Welfare diseases, diabetes, medical epidemiology, and genetic epidemiology
  • Cardiovascular diseases (heredity, lifestyle, migration, the environment)
  • Migration and neighborhoods
  • Infectious diseases in primary care, multiple diseases, diseases among the elderly
  • Experimental research (microRNA, cancer)
  • Heredity, family factors, area of living, comorbidity and cancer
  • Research methods in family medicine and research on quality aspects of medical education
  • Public health science and social epidemiology
  • Health economy, organization of health care, and evaluation of health and medical programs

Research Leaders

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