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CPF-run studies are performed in close collaboration with other Swedish and international research institutes. The CPF is, for example, part of “Epidemiology for Health” (EpiHealth), a strategic research organization formed in partnership between Lund University and Uppsala University and launched at the beginning of 2010. This platform supports national and international excellence in epidemiological research in areas such as basic scientific epidemiology and clinical epidemiology, and the provision of excellent epidemiological research infrastructure (databases and biobanks).

Course in research methodology for trainee specialists

Since 2011, the CPF has run a validated course in research methodology for trainee medical specialists, who are very important for the future of primary care. The course offers trainees information on subjects ranging from study design and statistics, to medical writing and communication. Participants are given the opportunity to present their plans for primary care-based research projects to AKC coordinators and other CPF researchers, who provide feedback and advice. Some of the research projects are short investigations that form a compulsory part of their training; others are larger studies that could ultimately provide the foundation for a doctorate.

Evaluation of a new cancer diagnostics center in Kristianstad

The CPF has been tasked with evaluating Diagnostiskt Centrum (DC), a new cancer diagnostics center in Kristianstad that opened in 2012. DC was established with the aim of reducing the time taken to diagnose cancer in adult patients with diffuse symptoms. Patients who contact with their GP surgery and who are suspected of having cancer are referred to DC for a full investigation. The time from the decision to refer a patient to DC to diagnosis should be no more than 22 days. The CPF will investigate whether DC succeeds in diagnosing patients within this time frame, and will also assess related factors (e.g. cancer survival, health economics). If the DC project is successful it can potentially be replicated in other areas of southern Sweden.

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