Mission and objectives for CPF


To conduct groundbreaking clinical research to achieve primary care of the highest quality and to consequently improve the health of the population in Skåne County, Sweden.

The overall objective is to improve primary care through scientific training of the current and next generations of researchers, and by advancing knowledge concerning the causes and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders, and the promotion of health.

We aim to advance the science of family medicine by developing new methods and tailored multidisciplinary interventions for application in primary care. Merging scientific insights gained from medicine with techniques from other scientific disciplines offers the promise of further advancing our knowledge of widespread diseases and their etiologies.

The knowledge obtained will help doctors to identify earlier patients at risk of developing diseases. This will in turn improve the chances of treatment being successful, reduce the risk of complications, and enhance patients’ quality of life.

Specific objectives

  • To perform research at the international frontline in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders and cancer
  • To use translational (epidemiologic, clinical, experimental) methods to investigate the etiology of cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, and other chronic disorders that are common in primary care
  • To advance primary care by addressing research questions arising from clinical settings and providing knowledge and skills to primary care personnel
  • To develop a regional primary care database for research, and organisational and quality development in primary care
  • To develop, implement, and evaluate methodologies and interventions for improving nutrition and mental health, increasing physical activity, and reducing chronic disease risk among children, adolescents, and their families
  • To research and develop new methods of using E-Health (e.g. text message and app based technology) in targeted healthcare programs
  • To understand the dynamic interplay between population health, demographic changes, and social and physical neighbourhood environments
  • To collaborate with international researchers based at top-ranked universities
  • To identify and train future principal investigators in primary care

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