Academic healthcare centers

A key aim of CPF is to build bridges between academia, hospitals, and primary care. To achieve this aim, CPF has established a network of Academic healthcare centers in Skåne.

The Academic healthcare centers (Akademiska vårdcentraler AVCs in Swedish) are primary care centers that receive assignments from CPF, as well as assistance in realizing their own research ideas. Each is affiliated with, and serves as the research hub for, a number of other nearby primary care centers.

The AVCs are coordinated by CPF and have a commitment to research and teaching, with personnel and students receiving hands-on professional guidance in forming, refining, and executing research ideas that will contribute to the development of primary care in the field.

AVC at CPF offers scientific group supervision, lectures and acts as a sounding board for those who are interested in research and development and work in primary care.

Ongoing and planned AVC research projects include several lifestyle intervention studies and studies of diabetes and adverse drug reactions.

AVC Coordinators

At each AVC, an active clinical researcher (PhD) employed by CPF provides on-the-job assistance with:

  • Study design
  • Answering methodological questions
  • Quality development
  • Selection of relevant patient groups
  • Implementation
  • Obtaining funding for projects and establishing contacts
  • Dissemination of research results
  • Generating ideas for future research

These AVC coordinators meet approximately once a month at the CPF (via Zoom during Covid-19 pandemic) to discuss operational and research issues. They also arrange monthly research seminars for health care personnel and students, and supervise trainee medical specialists, who undertake research assignments in primary care.

In addition to the AVC Coordinators on the ground, there is an internal AVC Coordinator based at CPF. His/Her role is to assist researchers in primary care with specific tasks (e.g., performing translational clinical research, qualitative research, obtaining research funding, scientific writing, and regulatory affairs).


The AVC network has the potential to establish Sweden at the international forefront of clinical research and evidence-based medicine in primary care.

The AVC was adopted in China in 2010, and its ethos and infrastructure could serve as a template for research collaboration between academia and clinicians in primary care.

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