Research results

For those who are interested, there are several ways of partaking of our research results, for instance through lectures and via our popular science website Science & Health (Vetenskap & Hälsa).

Current in Science & Health

Science & Health (Vetenskap & Hälsa) is a website that, in a simple and informative way, presents the latest in Skåne medicine and health care science research. A printed newspaper is also published twice per year.

Research Day 

Research Day (Forskningens dag) is organised every year by Region Skåne and Lund University’s Faculty of Medicine. The day always has a theme, and offers lectures, seminars, and the opportunity to meet researchers who work in the relevant field.

Hospital Libraries with Patient Forums

Patient forums are part of the hospital libraries, and can be found in Lund and Malmö. Patient forums organise theme days and popular science lectures about care and research.

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