Participate in a Research Study as a Subject

Research is dependent on people who volunteer and participate in various clinical studies. As a research subject, you contribute to research moving forward.

What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is an examination of a drug’s effects or an evaluation of a treatment, e.g. a surgical method, radiotherapy, physiotherapy, a special diet, or medical-technical equipment.

Clinical trials are required for new drugs or medical-technical products to be approved. Clinical trials can also enable the development of treatments that are as effective and safe as possible.

Why Participate as a Research Subject?

Participating as a research subject means contributing to research development. Research is dependent on healthy volunteers who contribute their participation to propel research forward.

There are also personal incentives to be gained from participation, as thorough health checks are often performed, and financial compensation is given for the volunteers’ trouble.

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Before a research subject participates in a study, he or she must have been thoroughly informed as to the purpose of the study, its method, and any risks or side effects. The information shall be given both orally and in writing, and the subject must give his or her consent in writing.

The research subject can leave the study at any point, even after having signed, and throughout the course of the project. No reason needs to be given. Once a study is completed, all participants receive a letter in which the results of the study are presented, and subjects are informed of what treatment they received.


For it to be possible to evaluate the results of a clinical trial, it’s important that all participants adhere to the instructions they have been given, and attend all appointments.

It’s important to inform staff if you fall ill or need any other medication.

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