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Region Archive

In Region Skåne, we keep documents as per the Archives Act, in order to respect the public’s right to access public documents. We must also look after the needs of research, our own operations, and the legal system.

The Region Archive is Region Skåne’s central archive. Our commission includes making our joint cultural heritage accessible to researchers, members of the public and health care staff.

Health care information, such as hospital records, constitutes almost 80 per cent of the archive’s materials, but there are also minutes and other documents concerning political processes and the history of the county council, blueprints, education transcripts and maps.

Part of Archive Centre South

The Region Archive is part of Archive Centre South (Arkivcentrum Syd) in Lund – Scandinavia’s biggest archive institution. In a modern research environment, you have access to a unique collection of materials from a number of authorities and other organisations in Skåne.

In the common research halls, you can study documents from all participating organisations.

Opening hours are available on Archive Centre South’s own website.

Public Documents

The right to access public documents is set out in the Constitution. The main rule is that all documents that are received by Region Skåne or created within our organisation are public.

In some cases, however, there may be reasons to protect certain interests, such as personal integrity, and many of the Region Archive’s documents may therefore be classified.

Search Documents

Using web service NAD ("Nationell ArkivDatabas"), you can search for archive registers from Sweden’s regions, county councils and municipalities, and from associations and other fonds. You can search out volumes and get a picture of the type of documents that are available in the various archives.

If, using NAD, you find documents that you would like to withdraw for which Region Skåne is the responsible authority, please contact the Region Archive to gain access to the materials.

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