Regional Development Strategy – The Open Skåne 2030

In June 2020 the Regional Council established the revised version of “The Open Skåne 2030” as the regional development strategy for Skåne County.

The strategy has been developed in collaboration with municipalities, national authorities, universities, business organisations, civil society, inhabitants and other parties working with development issues.

Goal for Skåne 2030

Skåne in 2030 is open; open-minded, open to all and with a varied landscape. Skåne welcomes new people and new influences. Skåne is the portal to Sweden and out into the world.

The development strategy for Skåne includes six prioritised vision goals for reaching the overall goal. Actions och joint initiatives are based on these vision goals.

The six prioritised vision goals for Skåne emphasize: 

  • belief in the future and quality of life
  • to become a strong motor for sustainable growth
  • to strengthen diversity of good living environments
  • a sound environment and sustainable use of resources
  • development of welfare services of tomorrow
  • to be globally attractive as a region

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