How cultural policy is governed

The Culture Committee is responsible for developing Region Skåne’s cultural policy. The Regional Council appoints the Culture Committee’s members. On the commission of the Culture Committee, the Office for Culture drives development work in Region Skåne.

The Culture Committee shall work for the availability of a cultural offering of great multiplicity, with a wide scope as well as an edge, characterised by quality and new thinking.

Here you can find more information about the Culture Committee in Region Skåne.

Skåne is Part of the Culture Collaboration Model

In 2011, the Culture Committee decided to be part of the National Culture Collaboration Model. The goal of collaboration between Region Skåne and the municipalities is to use the resources that are available on both a local, regional and national level in the best way possible in order to make Skåne a strong cultural region for its citizens.

In this work, the Culture Committee develops a Regional Culture Plan in collaboration with the municipalities and in consultation with representatives from the cultural field. Based on the prioritisations of the Culture Plan, the Culture Committee allocates state funds to regional cultural operations.

National Model

The Culture Collaboration Model was introduced in 2011, following a government initiative. From 2013, all counties in Sweden apart from Stockholm have chosen to be part of the model.

The Office for Culture Drives Development Work

Region Skåne’s Office for Culture drives development work on the commission of the Culture Committee. The Office for Culture is working to develop Skåne as a cultural region in collaboration with Skåne’s municipalities and various culturally interested parties.

Based on the strategic cultural policy goals, the Office for Culture handles regional and state grants, and supports cultural practitioners through development and project grants.

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