Our commission in culture

Region Skåne’s commission is to make art and culture available to as many Skåne inhabitants and visitors as possible. Culture for children and young people is a priority in all our operations.

The Culture Committee is Region Skåne’s specialist committee for cultural policy issues, and acts on the commission of the Regional Council. The Office for Culture works on the commission of the Culture Committee with promoting Skåne’s development in the cultural field, for instance by handling operation and development grants for culture practitioners.

The Culture Committee is the decision maker when it comes to the allocation of both regional and state funds in Skåne, and bases its decisions on a Regional Culture Plan.

Other responsibilities

Region Skåne is also the responsible authority for three of seven performing arts institutions in Skåne; Malmö Opera, Skåne’s Dance Theatre, and Music in the South, and for regional resource and production centre Film in Skåne.

We are responsible for the regional library commission in Skåne. We promote collaboration, operational development and quality when it comes to the municipal public libraries in the region.

Region Skåne is also a co-founder of the Regional Museum in Kristianstad and the Music in the South music institution, and is politically represented on the boards of Uppåkra Archaeological Centre, Lund University’s Historical Museum, the Ceramics Centre, the Malmö Museum of Modern Art, and the Mooms Theatre Company.

Culture as a Force for Development

Arts and culture is a force that reaches far beyond the traditional cultural sector. Culture’s wider role in society’s development is an important perspective in Region Skåne’s work with Skåne’s development.

Education, trade and industry, and health are some of the areas where culture makes a difference.

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