Två cyklister i det skånska landskapet

Skåne as a Cycle Region

Cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport. Region Skåne is planning for better regional cycle paths and better connections to public transport.

Skåne’s cycling conditions are such that there is every chance of more people choosing cycling as their mode of transport here. Skåne’s towns are relatively close together, and the terrain and climate are cycle-friendly.

By improving and building more cycle paths outside the towns and across municipality borders, we’ll make it easier to cycle between home, work and school. This will make Skåne a “cycle region”.

The goal for Region Skåne’s cycling work is: “In Skåne, cycling is the obvious choice”.

Cycling is a Smart Mode of Transport:

  • It’s healthy. The more Skåne’s inhabitants cycle, the better structural health will get.
  • It’s simple and flexible. When travelling shorter distances, cycling is the quickest and most comfortable mode of transport between home, work and school.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. A bicycle doesn’t let out harmful emissions.
  • It’s cheap. Cycle paths are cheaper to build than roads and railways. It’s also cheaper for members of the public; a bicycle costs less than a car.

Improved Public Transport Connections

It shall become easier to cycle to the bus or train station; municipalities are, for instance, building more bicycle parking. In our planning of public transport and infrastructure, we see cycling as an important part of the door to door journey.

Region Skåne does the planning work for cycle paths, while the Swedish Transport Administration and the municipalities do the investing.

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