Familj vandrar på Kullaleden

The Skåneleden Trail and Rambling Areas

Region Skåne has primary responsibility for the over 1000 km long hiking trail, Skåneleden Trail, in particular for strategic development and marketing issues. Our aim is to make Skåne’s nature and rambling areas attractive and that they offer sustainable recreation and service for everyone living in or visiting Skåne.

 The Scanian Landscape Foundation is responsible for the management of the Trail under contract from the Skåne Regional Council. A total of 32 municipalities are responsible for all maintenance.

The Skåneleden trail is divided in to six subtrails, which gives you the opportunity to experience Skåne's varied scenery and rich culture. Choose from 100 day hikes and set sails for the outdoors - just for the day or maybe for a longer hiking tour. The trail is marked with orange signs and along the trail there is camp sites with shelters, water and fire places. Read more about the Skåneleden trail, plan your hike and order maps at: Skåneleden (skaneleden.se)

The Scanian Landscape Foundation is responsible for 19 recreation areas spread out over the whole of Skåne. Our aim is to inspire people to get outdoors. Regardless interests, habits and capabilities, people can enjoy these recreation areas.

 Skanskalandskap.se | Nature is always open

The Right of Public Access is a unique opportunity to move freely throughout the Swedish countryside. But along with rights come responsibilities. Consideration and care must be given to nature and wildlife, to landowners and the others with whom you share the Swedish countryside.

The Right of Public Access | Skåneleden (skaneleden.se)

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