Fossil Fuel-Free Skåne

Fossil fuels such as oil, petrol, coal and natural gas contribute to the greenhouse effect. That's why, in Skåne, we work to promote renewable energies and fuels, such as biogas, wind power and solar energy.

Our mission includes supporting business development and research, in Skåne, that develop solutions to climate problems. We aim to improve public transport so that more people feel that it is the best travel option.

100 Per Cent Fossil Fuel-Free Skåne 2020

In collaboration with the County Administrative Board and the municipalities in Skåne, we took the initiative for Climate Collaboration Skåne, and between 2010 and 2020, we ran the ‘100 Per Cent Fossil Fuel-Free Skåne 2020’ challenge.

Over 300 companies, public organisations, associations and individuals signed up, and worked to remove fossil fuels from electricity, heat and transport during this time. Several organisations, including Region Skåne, have succeeded in phasing out all fossil fuel use.

The Climate and Energy Strategy for Skåne, which the County Administrative Board, Region Skåne and Skåne's municipalities have jointly developed, includes goals for the whole of Skåne to reduce its climate impact, and become fossil fuel-free by 2030. The strategy also includes priority measures and selected parties.

Public Transport

From December 2018, all of Skånetrafiken's approximately 1,000 buses will run exclusively on renewable fuels such as biogas, renewable electricity certified as ‘Good Environmental Choice’, or biodiesel. As early as in 2009, train traffic in Skåne switched to renewable electricity.

This means that all public transport in Skåne is fossil fuel-free.

Biogas Production

Skåne has good conditions for the production of biogas. Region Skåne is leading the work with Skåne's biogas roadmap, which has been signed by over 50 parties in Skåne to jointly promote the production, distribution and use of biogas. The work could lead to thousands of new green jobs.

Wind Power

Region Skåne owns six wind turbines in the municipality of Hultsfred. The wind turbines were inaugurated on the 15th of April 2016. They produce the equivalent of 40 per cent of Region Skåne's electricity needs.

The renewable electricity is to contribute to a better environment, and reduce the costs of electricity use in our businesses.

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