Skåne – Fossil fuel-free by 2020

Region Skåne has a goal to be 100 percent free of fossil fuels in energy consumption, public transport and vehicle use by 2020. By then, thermal energy, district cooling and electricity for all of the properties owned, rented or used by Region Skåne´s administrations will come from energy sources that are free of fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels, such as oil, petrol, coal and natural gas, contribute to an increased greenhouse effect. That is why we promote renewable energy and fuels such as biogas, wind power and hydrogen gas.

100 percent fossil fuel free Skåne 2020

Together with the county government and local councils in Skåne we have taken the initiative known as Climate Interaction Skåne and set the challenge of “100% fossil fuel free Skåne 2020”. Several local councils, businesses and organizations have joined us.

The challenge requires us to be 100 percent fossil fuel free

  • in the energy use of all buildings
  • in all transport
  • in all electricity use

Biogas production

Skåne has a good basis for the production of biogas. Region Skåne leads the work by implementing a biogas transport plan for Skåne. The plan has been signed by over 50 entities in Skåne which all agree to support the production, distribution and use of biogas. This work can lead to the creation of thousands of new green jobs.

Wind power

Region Skåne owns six wind power stations in the council of Hultsfred. These were inaugurated in 2016. They produce approximately 40 percent of the electricity need in Region Skåne.

The renewable electricity will contribute to a better environment and will also reduce the cost of electricity.

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