Innovation Procurement

As a driving development party, Region Skåne is working in many different ways to promote innovations in Skåne.

Innovation procurement means that we procure unknown solutions to existing needs or problems in advance.

Innovation Procurement Using Different Methods

Our goal is to work more with innovation procurement using one of the following methods:

Competitive Dialogue

Individual dialogue between us and the supplier is had before tenders are given and assessed, the purpose being to identify and define how our needs are to be met in the best way. This procedure is suitable when the contract is particularly complicated.

Pledge/Forward Commitment

A pledge from us that we will, at a later date, procure a solution to an outlined problem.

R&D – the Exception

Region Skåne can buy development work without going through the procurement process if other parties benefit from the result.

Project Competition

A project competition is when the procuring authority gives an open invitation to a competition. The purpose is to get a blueprint or project description that has been declared by a jury to be the winning entry.

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