Invoicing and E-Trade

Region Skåne is successively moving towards using e-invoices in order to streamline the handling of supplier invoices.

Svefaktura is the most used standard for e-invoices, and the format we have chosen to work with. We also accept the EDI format.

Please note that in this context, an invoice sent as an email or PDF is not considered an e-invoice.

Offices and Companies E-invoice Addresses (in Swedish)


Many business systems can now send electronic invoices. If you already have an electronic invoicing feature, you can use that.

If you don’t have this feature, we can, through Inexchange, offer a free service with which you can register your invoices manually.

Go to the Invoicing Portal to Register Your Invoice

Correct Invoicing Address for E-Invoices

For the e-invoice to reach the right office, a GLN code is used. GLN codes are unique office identities

Technical Variables for E-Invoices and E-Trade

E-Invoice Identity and Address

EDI Invoice Identity:

CGI, Inexchange

Svefaktura Identity:

Information about Svefaktura:

Paper Invoices

Paper invoices should be sent to this address for scanning:
Region Skåne
205 01 Malmö

For the invoice to reach the intended recipient and be paid on time, it’s important that you state which office it is meant for, and that it includes the reference number (RSID) of the invoice recipient.

Invoicing address example:

Region Skåne
Office for Health Care “Kryh” (office)
RSID/your reference, e.g. 123456 (RSID/reference number)
205 01 Malmö

Offices and Companies E-invoice Addresses

Offices and Companies

Region Skåne’s offices have their own suppliers ledgers. Since all offices keep their own separate accounts, you can’t put different offices on the same invoice.

Region Skåne also owns a number of companies with their own invoicing addresses.


An RSID is a Region employee’s employment number which ensures that the invoice is sent to the correct recipient for authorisation. An RSID consists of a combination of six characters – these must be numbers.

If the invoice address does not include an RSID, it may not be possible to pay the invoice by the due date.

Always ensure that you get information from the buyer as to what office and RSID to refer to before you send the invoice.

Organisation Registration Number

Region Skåne’s Organisation Registration Number is 232100-0255. The Organisation Registration Number is the same for all offices.

Order Number

If the invoice is based on an order, this number is to be stated on the invoice.

Terms of Payment

Region Skåne’s terms of payment state that invoices are to be paid within 30 days.

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