International collaboration

The world is becoming increasingly globalised, and for Skåne to be able to develop in the best possible way, Region Skåne has many transborder collaborations.

Region Skåne is working internationally within the Öresund and Baltic Sea regions and within the EU.

The most intense collaboration takes place within the Öresund and Baltic Sea regions, where we are working with improvements and developments in areas including infrastructure, health care, IT, tourism and culture through interregional and international organisations, collaborations and projects.

Skåne European Office

Skåne European Office is the Brussels representation office of Region Skåne, the governing authority of the southernmost region of Sweden. The office is a part of the department for Regional Development, unit for External relations and support of Region Skåne. Our priorities and activities in Brussels are decided by the directly elected politicians of Region Skåne, but also depend on the EU policy agenda.

The main functions of the office are to increase the visibility of Skåne at the European level and to strengthen knowledge and awareness of the European political process in Skåne. The office also assists civil servants, politicians and regional actors with advice on EU policy and provides information and guidance on possibilities for project financing within EU funds and programmes of relevance to Skåne.

Skåne European Office also has an important strategic role in monitoring the EU policy agenda with regard to the region’s political priorities and main areas of interest: health care, research and innovation, industry, digitalisation and environmental issues.

Skåne European Office has a broad network of contacts in Brussels and Skåne. In addition to close co-operation with other Swedish regional EU offices, we work closely with Universities in South Sweden, with whom we share office space, and the Brussels representations of neighbouring regions’, notably Greater Copenhagen EU Office.

The main Brussels based networks which the office is engaged in are:

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