International collaboration

The world is becoming increasingly globalised, and for Skåne to be able to develop in the best possible way, Region Skåne has many transborder collaborations.

Region Skåne is working internationally within the Öresund and Baltic Sea regions, within the EU, and with various parts of the United States and China to strengthen Skåne’s development.

The most intense collaboration takes place within the Öresund and Baltic Sea regions, where we are working with improvements and developments in areas including infrastructure, health care, IT, tourism and culture through interregional and international organisations, collaborations and projects.

Region Skåne has also established collaboration agreements with countries like the United States and China for competence and knowledge exchanges.


To increase international interest in Skåne, Region Skåne also has a representation office in Brussels. The office keeps track of EU’s politics and looks after Skåne’s interests in important issues. The office also works to increase Skåne’s knowledge of European political processes.

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