How Development Work is Governed

Region Skåne’s development work is regulated by law. Region Skåne shall lead and coordinate development work, and represent Skåne’s interests.

According to law, Region Skåne shall:

  • Develop a Regional Development Strategy outlining the collected goals for Skåne’s development, and follow them up. The Regional Council decides the content of the Development Strategy.
  • Establish a Regional Infrastructure Plan for state-owned roads and cycle paths in Skåne.

Act on Region Skåne’s Commission (in Swedish) 

Regional Executive Committee

The Regional Executive Committee is responsible for creating the Regional Development Strategy, which the Regional Council then makes a decision about.

Regional Executive Committe (in Swedish)

Regional Development Committee

The Regional Development Committee plans and makes decisions about Region Skåne’s growth and development work based on the Regional Development Strategy.

Regional Development Committee (in Swedish)

Collaboration with Several Parties

Region Skåne shall lead and coordinate work for reaching the development goals, and represent Skåne’s interests. According to law, this shall happen in collaboration with the county’s municipalities, the County Administrative Board, state authorities, organisations, and trade and industry.

State authorities operating in the county shall be respectful of the Regional Development Strategy.

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