About Region Skåne

Region Skåne is here to make sure that everyone living in Skåne are happy and healthy. We collaborate without borders and with great care to ensure that we have the best conditions to lead a healthy life, now and in the future - within the business sector, public transport, culture as well as in health and medical care. Together, we make life possible.

We are responsible for social and medical care, public transport, business sector development, culture, infrastructure, social planning as well as environmental and climate issues in Skåne.

We work on behalf of our residents. If you are living in Skåne, you get to vote in the elections every four years to decide which political parties will set the direction and development of Region Skåne. You also pay county council taxes which provide the main funding for Region Skåne’s operations.

On any given day…

  • 40 children are born in Skåne
  • 10,103 Skåne residents consult a doctor
  • 15,490 consult another healthcare professional 
  • 462,000 journeys are made on Skånetrafiken’s buses and trains
  • Skåne gains 42 more residents
    (Annual Report 2019)

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