Support for citizen/patient

Do you have a question concerning your invoice for health care service, or do you need more information on health care regulations? This is where you can turn for help.

Questions about your invoice and charges

Do you wish to question an invoice for health care service, including charges for a missed appointment (a so called “no-show” fee)? Please contact the health care service provider the charge refers to directly. You find the phone number on the invoice next to the information regarding your appointment.

You can also find contact information for the health care centres and hospitals at

Transportation services

Do you have questions regarding rules and regulations for transportation services – such as eligibility, questions regarding your destination, what the cost for transportation service is, as well as how to dispute it? Please call Skånetrafiken at 0771-77 44 33.

Other invoicing questions, exemption cards, regulations and dental care allowance

Do you have any other queries about your invoice and want to provide information for a refund, for example? Or are you pondering over exemption cards, high-cost protection, regulations or dental care allowance?

Contact Care Invoicing by either support form or phone.

As far as refunds (credit note) are concerned, you can leave your bank details, such as clearing and account number, via both support form and phone. Give your bank details in the message box on the form.

Call 0771-11 14 44, Monday to Friday, 08.00-16.00.

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