Educated abroad

Those who have medical training from abroad are welcome to work with us in Region Skåne.

Professions that Require a Licence

In healthcare, there are 21 professions that require a licence issued by the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). Requirements are different for different professions, and depend on whether you trained within or outside of the EU/EEA.

You can read more about what is required to gain a Swedish licence for your profession, and thus to be able to apply for a job in Region Skåne, on

We recommend that you send your documents to the National Board of Health and Welfare, which will look into your training and decide how you should proceed, as soon as possible.
Apply for a licence (

Language Requirements

To gain a Swedish licence, you must possess one of the following skills:

  • Swedish 3 or Swedish as a second language 3 from Komvux (upper secondary school education for adults)
  • Swedish level C1 as per the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR)
  • a course or test that qualifies you for studies at university
  • equivalent knowledge of Norwegian or Danish

About studying Swedish: Study in Sweden – Learn Swedish

Professions that Don’t Require a Licence

For professions in Region Skåne that don’t require a licence (such as auxiliary nurse), the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) can advise you as to whether your training is relevant.

You can also, in some cases, have your foreign training assessed by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (Universitets- och högskolerådet, UHR).


How to Get a Swedish Licence

Training from within the EU/EEA

For those trained within the EU/EEA who meet the Swedish (or Norwegian or Danish) language requirements, the National Board of Health and Welfare will issue a Swedish licence, and you’ll be welcome to apply for vacancies within Region Skåne.

Training from Outside the EU/EEA

Region Skåne wants to support the road to a Swedish licence for those trained in a licensed profession outside the EU/EEA.

In collaboration with the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) and the Swedish Public Employment Service, we have developed a “fast track” through which we provide support and shorten the time it takes to reach a Swedish licence in different ways:

  • Language auscultation – practice your Swedish in a healthcare environment

Those trained outside the EU/EEA can practice their Swedish in a healthcare environment, while also gaining insight into how the Swedish healthcare system works. You may not perform any work during auscultation.

By shadowing different professional categories at the unit, you’ll discover how the Swedish healthcare system is organised, and how teamwork around the patient works. You are more than welcome to combine language auscultation with Swedish classes.

  • Practical service – the National Board of Health and Welfare’s requirements for all licences

For those trained in a licensed profession outside the EU/EEA, the National Board of Health and Welfare has, since 2016, changed the Swedish licence requirements. Once you’ve passed the knowledge test and a course in Swedish statutes, you’ll get a decision from the National Board of Health and Welfare concerning practical service. Region Skåne can receive you for such service.
For those educated outside the EU and EEA (

  • Trial service – for specialist physicians with a decision from the National Board of Health and Welfare

Trial service means that Region Skåne receives physicians trained outside Europe who have at least five years of professional experience in their specialist field. You must have a decision from the National Board of Health and Welfare concerning approved trial service as a condition for a Swedish licence. Region Skåne can receive you for such service.

Contact us

You are welcome to contact our recruitment unit if you are interested in a language auscultation or practical service/trial service. You can reach us on phone number 0771-10 60 60, weekdays 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

You can also email on

The Swedish Medical Association (Sveriges Läkarförbund) can offer further support:
License to practice – the Swedish Medical Association

Practice for Medical Students at Foreign Universities

It’s becoming increasingly common to study to become a physician abroad. The universities’ syllabuses require clinical practice throughout the training period.

Region Skåne collaborates with Lund University, and offers clinical practice that awards academic points for those attending their final year as medical students at a foreign university.

More about how to apply on Lund University’s website:
Clinical practice for international students

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