Educated within the EU/EEA in a profession requiring medical license

If you have been educated within the EU/EEA and meet the requirements for Swedish (or alternatively, Norwegian or Danish), Region Skåne can support you in applying for a Swedish medical license.

Applications for Swedish medical licenses are made via the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. Follow the instructions on the Board’s website.

Language requirements

In order to obtain a Swedish license and work within the Swedish medical health care profession, you must have good Swedish language skills. Equivalent skills in Danish and Norwegian are also acceptable.

When applying for a Swedish medical license, in order to proof your language proficiency level you must pass one of the three following proficiency examinations/schools:

  • Swedish 3, or Swedish as a second language 3 at Komvux (Secondary level school for adults)
  • Swedish at a C1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Course or exam that would allow you admission to a tertiary education institution where Swedish is the language of study

If you have Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish or Icelandic citizenship and have been educated outside Sweden, you must prove your language skills.

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