1177 Vårdguiden/Care Guide

The 1177 phone number is the national number for care advice 24/7. You can also get advice via the 1177 Care Guide online, on 1177.se.

1177 Care Guide Phone

When you phone 1177 in Skåne, you get to talk to nurses in Region Skåne who answer questions 24/7, all year round. They’ll guide you to the right care, regardless of whether it’s emergency hospital care, a visit to a care clinic, or advice on self-care. The call to 1177 costs the same as a normal call.

Those who are hard of hearing, deaf or who have a speech disability can reach the 1177 Care Guide via textphone.

1177 Care Guide Online

On 1177.se, you can:

  • find contact details for care in Skåne
  • compare care centres, child welfare centres and midwife clinics, and see what patients think about them
  • find advice, information and e-services for your health and care
  • ask anonymous questions and get personal answers from experts
  • read about various diseases, complaints, examinations and treatments
  • test your lifestyle habits in terms of diet, stress, movement, sleep, diabetes risk, fruit and vegetables
  • get information about health and preventative care, and about how the care system works in Sweden.

1177 Care Guide in Other Languages

Region Skåne offers health care advice with Arabic and Somali interpreters at certain times.

Part of 1177.se are available in other languages.

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