How to seek health care

If you fall ill, injure yourself, or need advice concerning your health, your first port of call should be your care centre. 

Dial 112 if you need emergency care

If you fall acutely ill, or are seriously injured, dial 112, or go to the nearest Accident and Emergency ward.

Dial 1177 for advice on health care

You can call the 1177 24 hours a day for advice about health care. You can also call if you are unsure of where in the health care system you should go.

At, you can also find contact information for care centres, and see which ones are open at evenings and weekends.

Contact your care centre if you fall ill

The care centres are staffed by professionals with a broad competence, who take care of the most common ailments, chronic diseases, many of the diseases that affect children and the elderly, mental ill health and various injuries.

Here, you will get an initial assessment of your complaints. Should you need further care, you will be referred to a physician who is a specialist in his/her field, for example a dermatologist, orthopaedist, or psychiatrist.

International patients seeking non acute health care in Skåne

It is possible to seek medical investigations, treatments and/or surgery in Skåne. Medical treatment is always combined with a cost and varies depending on where in the world you live. 

For more information

If you are a citizen from a country within the EU, EES or Switzerland - email:

If you are a citizen from a country outside of the EU, EES or Switzerland - visit Skåne Cares website. 

Countries, hospitals and/or health authorities in need of patient referrals

Countries, hospitals and/or health authorities outside and within the EU, EES or Switzerland, with a need of patient referrals within any given medical specialty are welcome to contact Skåne Care for further discussion.

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