Your Medical Records

Your medical records contain documented data about your care. You have the right to read it, block information in it, and see who has looked at your patient data.

All registered health care staff document assessments and measures related to your care in your medical records.

The contents of your medical records are protected by confidentiality. Apart from yourself, only health care staff involved in your care have the right to read your medical records.

The use of medical records is regulated by the Patient Data Act. – Medical Records (in Swedish)

Read Your Medical Records

This is what to do if you want to read your medical records or request copies of medical record documents created within Region Skåne’s public health care.

  • You can request copies of medical records online with the help of the 1177 Care Guide’s e-service My Health Care Contacts. Here, you can also read your medical records directly, via the Medical Records service. In the Medical Records service, you’ll see notes from appointments attended after March 17th, 2014.
  • You can also turn to the Medical Records and Archives service (Journal- och arkivservice). Here, you can get help with blocking information in your electronic medical records, and request log records and public documents.

To get in touch with the Medical Records and Archives service, you can phone, send mail or email, or visit. See contact details on this page, below header Contact. – My Health Care Contacts

Block Information in Your Medical Records

Information in your electronic medical records that you don’t want to be available to other care units in Region Skåne or to other care providers can be blocked.

This is how to block information:

  • Fill out a blocking form and send it to the Medical Records and Archives service.
  • Apply for a block via the 1177 Care Guide’s e-service My Health Care Contacts

You can remove the block at any time. You do this using the same form or My Care Contacts, just like when you put it into place.

Application Form to Put into Place or Remove a Block (in Swedish)

Requesting Log Records

All instances of electronic medical records being read are registered. This is called logging. As a patient, you can get a record of the log, i.e. a list of who has looked at your patient data.

To request such a log record, you need to use the requesting log records form. The form should be sent to the Medical Records and Archives service.

Requesting Log Records Form (in Swedish)

Requesting Registry Records

According to the Personal Data Act, you have the right to know what personal data Region Skåne holds about you, including your electronic medical records; this is called a registry record. You can order such a registry record for free once per year.

Requests for registry records are made in writing. You should write that you would like a registry record as per the Personal Data Act, your name, national registration number and signature on the request. You can also use the requesting registry records form. The request should be sent to the Medical Records and Archives service.

Requesting Registry Records Form (in Swedish)

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