Health care in Sweden for foreign citizens

If you are a foreign citizen, and fall ill during a temporary visit to Sweden, you are always entitled to receive emergency and necessary health care. You can also be reimbursed for health care that you seek in advance, so-called planned health care. 

The cost of your health care depends on what country you are from. In some cases, you can receive health care at the same cost as those insured in Sweden.

Healthcare and dental care if you are asylum-seeker or without documents

As an adult who is either seeking asylum or without documents, you are entitled to urgent healthcare and dental care. Children and young people under 18 seeking asylum or without documents are entitled to healthcare on the same terms as all other children in Skåne.

All children and adults seeking asylum should be offered a health examination at a primary healthcare centre (vårdcentral), free of charge.

The right to an interpreter

You have a right to receive understandable information about your state of health and about the process of the examination, health care or treatment that you need.

If it is difficult for you to understand and speak Swedish, you can receive help from an interpreter. There is no cost for this, but the caregiver you are visiting may need to know about it in advance, so that they can book an interpreter.

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