Health care fees

Sweden’s county councils and regions decide what fees they charge for different types of care. Thus, the fees for care in Skåne may differ from fees for care in other parts of Sweden.

Some care in Region Skåne is free of charge, but more often than not, you’ll pay a fee for your appointment or treatment. All care for children under the age of 20 is free and also for you who are 85 years old or older.

On, you can find a list of Skåne’s clinics’ appointment fees.

High-Cost Protection and Free Passes

When you have paid a certain sum for patient fees in polyclinic care over the course of a year, you are entitled to a free pass. The free pass means that you will get free health care for the rest of the twelve month period.

Patient fees include both the fees you pay at Region Skåne’s clinics and those you pay at private care providers who have agreements with Region Skåne. If you seek care in another county council in Sweden, these patient fees are also included.

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