Skiss över takutrymme Helsingborgs lasarett

Our Future Hospitals

Region Skåne has very large investments into health care premises ahead.

Swedish health care expanded heavily in the 60s and 70s, when many of the country’s hospitals were built.

In Skåne, like in many other places, hospitals need repairing and improving to be able to handle the new care needs that the future will bring. The health care premises of the future must be easy to adapt and change when the care system’s needs change.

Safe and Attractive Care Environments

Region Skåne’s new hospitals shall, with their architecture and physical design, contribute to the patients’ healing. All research shows a connection between the design of the physical environment and a quick recovery. An attractive and appealing environment also creates a better workplace for staff.

Region Skåne’s future health care premises are energy efficient, so they contribute to a better environment.

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