Dental Care Fees

Children and young people get free dental care up to and including the year when they turn 23. For adult dental care, free pricing applies, which means that dental care units set their own prices for various treatments.

Until December 31st in the year when you turn 23, you are included in paediatric dental care, and thus get free dental care.

There are, however, certain dental care treatments that Region Skåne does not pay for in paediatric dental care. The dental care unit you have chosen can give you information about what dental care is not free.

Fees in Adult Dental Care

Free pricing means that prices for the same treatment can vary between different dental care units. It may therefore be a good idea to compare prices before choosing a dentist or dental hygienist.

Unlike in other health care, in dental care, you pay a bigger share of the care fee yourself. The cost for dental care is therefore higher than for other health care.

Subscription Dental Care at a Fixed Monthly Price

In adult dental care, some care providers/dental care units also offer subscription dental care, for example care at a fixed monthly price.

Dental Care at the Same Price as Health Care

In some cases, adult patients can also get dental care at the same price as other health care. This care is part of the Dental Care Reform 1999/2013 which is also described under “Adult Dental Care”.

The patient fees that you pay as part of the Dental Care Reform 1999/2013 are included in health care’s high-cost protection, and once you have paid the maximum fee, you’ll get a free pass.

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