If you fall ill

In case of emergency - call 112

In the event of a life-threatening condition, call 112 (the emergency services telephone number) and wait for an answer.

 If you seek planned medical treatment and are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, please visit www.skanecare.com for more information. 

Patient facts

1177 – The national 24-hour medical advisory service is available by phone on: 1177 and  on the Internet at: 1117.se in English.

The national care guarantee – a collective name for a treatment guarantee, an appointments guarantee and an accessibility guarantee, to ensure that you, the patient, are able to get in touch with and/or receive specific care within a  reasonable time. For more information, e-mail to vardgaranti.skane@skane.se

The Internet service My Health Care Contacts allows you to cancel and rebook appointments, order repeat prescriptions and, in certain cases, ask questions directly to the clinic at which you are being treated

Health Choices Skåne – every person resident in Skåne has the right to choose among accredited, private or public, care units and childcare centres. For more information, call 0200-77 00 30

PatientForum – a manned meeting place in Malmö and Lund, which offers personal service and information about health and medical care. Address and contact details, Malmö: Jan Waldenströms gata 35, CRC at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö. Telephone: 040-33 80 30. Address and contact details, Lund: The Library in the Centralblocket building, take the stairs to the first floor from the entrance hall or use the elevator from elevator hall B. Telephone: 046-17 23 24, 046-17 23 07, 046-17 24 84, 046-17 17 25

The Patient Board – for opinions, complaints or questions regarding health and medical care, e-mail patientnamnden.kansli@skane.se or call 0770-11 00 10

Patient Safety – Skåne University Hospital has fixed procedures for discrepancy reporting, incident analyses and investigations into causes. All serious incidents are notified to Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare in accordance with Lex Maria.

Interpreting Service

If you do not speak Swedish, or if you have difficulties speaking or hearing, you are entitled to receive help from an interpreter when you contact the healthcare services.
Let us know that you need an interpreter when you book your appointment. The interpreter has a duty of confidentiality

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